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Welcome!  KetoFoodOnline is a brand new site, hoping to connect you with food you can eat on the Keto diet.  The ketogenic diet has already helped us lose a bunch of weight, and we want to make that success as easy for others as possible.  This site does use a lot of affiliate links - that means if you click a product, you might go to Amazon or another site to make a purchase, and we receive a small percentage.  That money helps us keep the site and services running, so please don't be shy.  In return, we will be honest in our reviews - if something sucks, we will tell you.  If it's great, we'll tell you that too.

We have other resources for you as well - our super giant keto diet starter guide, for instance.  If you are trying hard to lose weight and control your health, the starter guide can give you some guidance on what it means to lose weight with keto.  It's not that hard - you like butter?  You like bacon?  Then buy some keto snacks, and get on board with us.

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Low Carb Bread for Keto

Keto Approved Bread Quick Breads for the Keto Diet Bread on the keto diet is a big no-no.  I mean, it is basically just carbs.  Delicious, delicious carbs.  Bread, besides being good in itself, serves an important role in making...

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