Easily Start The Keto Diet

Hey there keto diet folks, or future keto diet folks!  I was thinking…dangerous, I know…But I was thinking : “Hey, you’ve given them the Giant Keto Starter Guide, some recipes and some advice about booze.  Good work.  But have you given them a clickable list of things they can just go buy all at once on Amazon to start their Keto journey?”

No.  No I have not.  One, it seems like a money grab (I have an affiliate relationship with Amazon, which means if you click a link here to Amazon to buy something, I get a few pennies.  Your costs don’t go up, by the way.  So…you know…you can support me by doing that!).   Anyway, I don’t want to seem like I’m all about that money grab.  Second, it would take me like an hour to make that post and I’m too busy saving the world from Thanos to be bothered.  Wait, I have nothing but time?  Holy smokes, let’s get that list built out.

This list will not be a complete grocery run – you will still need to source some things from your local grocery or Walmart.  However, this will get the big things out of the way – the weirder items you really do need but might not be able to find locally.

List of Essential Items for Ketogenic Diet

Magic Bullet – This is my preferred handy little grinder/mixer thingy for the keto diet.  There are competitors, but I’ve used this one, and I vouch for it.  On this diet (or “way of life” as the more cultured would say), you need to mix stuff up a lot.  You need to grind some stuff up.  And that is what the magic bullet does.  It’s magical.  It’s bullet shaped.  You need to grind up pork skins?  You need to blend oil with your coffee?   You need to mix up spices for the meats?  You pretty much *need* one of these magic bullets for the ketogenic diet.  Also, side note, these rock for blending your booze drinks.  You are welcome.

Almond Flour – Ok, you need almond flour.  Basically, this ingredient is what separates failure from success.  With Almond Flour, you can get very close to simulating bread, which will in turn help you feel better about not eating bread.  You can use this to make 90 second breads, cheesy snacks, and other items where you need flour of some kind.  No, it isn’t exactly the same as regular flour.  But you can make some pretty decent stuff with it.  You need it, go add it to your cart.  Trust me.

High Smoke Point Oil – Sunflower Oil or Grapeseed Oil are great. You are eventually going to fry something on this diet, and you need an oil that won’t smoke up the joint. Well, these two are great options. Healthy profiles, good for what ails ya – check them out.

Huge Pork Skin Barrel – I mention these all over the site, but you must have them as far as I’m concerned. You can: dip them in blue cheese, douse them with hot sauce, eat them plain….you can even grind them up and use them as breading for fried chicken. I KNOW. IT IS AMAZING. If you have the Magic Bullet from above, this is the perfect use case. Dump a bunch in there and vaporize them, then use them in place of flour for breading your fried chicken. Delicious. So good it’ll make you want to slap yo mamma.

Meal Containers – Keeping it real here guys. You are going to have to do a little meal prep to stay on this program. You *can* eat out, but it is difficult at times. And sometimes you don’t get the most pleasing food when you modify a menu item half to death. SO – spend some time Sunday making your lunches for the week in these containers, stack them in the fridge, and make the week easier.

KETO: More Items To Come!

I hope this gets you started.  I’ll add more items over time, so check back often!

Our goal here is to help you with the ketogenic diet.  We want it to be easy to do a low carb diet, and having the right tools and products in the pantry is really the first step.  Ketogenic snacks aren’t always easy to find or make.  Low carb food that isn’t meant sometimes seems difficult to come by.  All that being said, you *can* do the ketogenic diet.  You can be successful.  And you can stay on it long term, because you don’t have to live a life where you have completely sworn off foods that you love.

The keto diet is a great program for weight loss and overall health.  Before starting a keto diet, make sure you talk to you doctor about your particular health issues and expectations.  I’m not a doctor, just a guy that used to be fatter and less happy.