You Gotta Blend and Chop Stuff

I was thinking about some of the easy meals and snacks I make for keto, and one thing that is a constant is the Magic Bullet.  It’s definitely something I thought about buying for long time, but never actually bought.   Then someone gifted us one, and there was no looking back.

The first use I had for the Magic Bullet was making myself delicious and critically unhealthy milkshakes.  This was before keto.  I could make a giant, delicious milkshake in mere moments – they lay around in fat happiness.  But alas, my obesity taunted me.

I started to replace my breakfast meal with Schmilk – a full meal replacement shake.  The Magic Bullet blends it up no problem, so you don’t get weird chunks and debris.  But then we started keto, and my Schmilk was no longer on the menu.

For our current diet plan, the Magic Bullet helps us in a few ways.

  • Bulletproof Coffee – Throw your butter and/or coconut oil and/or cocoa powder in your coffee, and blend it up with the MB!  Perfect, frothy and delicious coffee – with all the fat a growing boy needs.
  • Blend your spices – Listen, baked chicken can get old after awhile.  Spice it up!  The Magic Bullet blends spices together for dry rubs and other seasoning needs.
  • Chop Those Pork Rinds – Yep.  The pork rinds, when ground up in the magic bullet, become a breading for your fried chicken.  Yep, you can have fried chicken – check this out.

You’ll find even more uses for it, I’m sure.  We love ours – if only for the Bulletproof coffee….no more oil slick on top of your morning joe!

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