Keto Chow – Full Meal Replacement Shake

Hey guys and gals!  Recently, I did a massive outreach to various Keto websites and Keto product providers looking for things to try out, or ways to get more attention for my website.  The fine people at Keto Chow hit me up, and I got a big sample of their meal replacement shakes to try out!  Cool beans!

So, first, let me be clear – my review here will be super honest.  Even if someone gives me something to try, they haven’t bought my review.  I might hate it or love it.  I have integrity, and can’t be bought unless you offer a lot of money.  Then I’m flexible.

Here is what I received – cool sample canister with a ton of different flavors to try out.  I got Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Cookies & Cream, Mocha, Salted Caramel, Choc. Peanut Butter and Strawberry.  I also got a cool mixing cup that I can shake it all up in, and a pamphlet about ketosis.

Keto Chow Stuff

All the stuffs.

I’m not new to the meal replacement game.  I’ve tried Soylent and Schmilk in the past – neither of which is Keto friendly, but this was before I got involved in the keto lifestyle so I didn’t care.  The idea is that you have a nutritionally complete shake in place of a meal, and you can live on it.  It’s whole and complete.  I would up with some Schmilk left in the cabinet because I started keto and couldn’t use it…boo…but I missed having the easy meals.  Enter Keto Chow!

So the first thing to note – you need heavy cream to make this work out.  Your calories will depend on how much heavy cream you use in each serving; so you can control it.  Let’s say you are a big guy like me and need a few extra calories just to be able to move around – dial up the cream.  If you are tiny and sedentary, you might dial down the cream.  So, control is here and it is good!

My first taste was of the Chocolate.  It was *great*.  For an instant meal/shake, it had everything going for it.  Smooth, chocolatey, and satisfying.  The shakes turn out smooth – which is a bit different from Schmilk, which always seemed to have a bit more of an oatmeal consistency to me.  The only other thing I noticed was that the sweetner they use must be the same thing that’s in Quest bars – because I can taste the difference between it and real sugar, no doubt about it.  That doesn’t make the sweetner bad, but I just have to remember that nothing tastes like sugar except sugar.

Keto Chow Stuff

Why strawberry upside down? Who can ever know the mind of man.

Ok, so – I’ve tried Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Cookies and Cream, Mocha, Salted Caramel and Choc. Peanut Butter.  I have not tried the Strawberry yet.  Each one of those tasted just like the description states – I was blown away at how much variety the Keto Chow folks are able to make, and make well.  I didn’t like the Salted Caramel flavor – there was something too sweet or too….caramel about it for me.  But I would never have bought or tried that flavor to begin with, since it’s not something that appeals to me in a shake.   So, no harm, no foul.  I think it’s more important to realize that there are all these flavors so you can find one that *does* work for you.

I recommend the Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookies and Cream.  All three of those were delicious and spot on.  If you need to find one to start with, pick one of those.

I’ll come back and write some more details when I have some time – I think you might be interested in the nutritional quality, how well the shaker mixer cup did, etc.  I’ll buff this review up over the next few days.

Meanwhile, this is the quest bar equivalent of a meal replacement, and that’s high praise.